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It is estimated that in today’s world almost 80% of total economic growth is due to innovation processes and knowledge, two elements that are able to generate sustainable wealth to the advantage of the entire productive system.

From this perspective, the Mediterranean area is particularly interesting, because it represents a strategically promising network of emerging, transitioning and developed economies, where information and communication technologies are spreading heterogeneously.

Precisely this heterogeneity of ICTs’ diffusion represents an opportunity for the region to grow: appropriate cooperation policies would encourage economic and development synergies that, in turn, would favour further penetration of ICTs in all the countries of the Mediterranean.

The field of ICT, and in particular the branch that focuses on the socio-economic development of emerging and transitioning economies, is naturally multidisciplinary, because it requires an understanding of both innovative technologies and development policy. The ICT for Development discipline aims at promoting the effective use of ICT solutions in sectors such as healthcare, education, agriculture and all of those fields that could contribute to poverty reduction and development through appropriate and focus investments.

This is the context in which the Master in ICT for Development in the Mediterranean finds its purpose. This programme aims at providing students with the necessary tools to effectively manage innovation and to interpret the critical issues of the field of development.

The professional profile that this program hopes to train students to acquire is that of a professional with a complete understanding model of development processes and the role of ICT in them.

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