Scientific Committee

Organizing Director: Dott. Roberto MASIERO
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He is the President of THINK! The Innovation Kowledge Foundation; he was the Managing Director of IDC International for Italy, UK, France and Germany, President of IDC EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). In 2009 he established together with Ezio Viola ‘The Innovation Group’.

Roberto Masiero is the President of THINK! The Innovation Knowledge Foundation, an international, independent, and non-profit research institute – a Think Tank – with the objective of collecting, elaborating and spreading knowledge on the usage of ICT, digital and service-driven technologies to promote innovation processes, economic growth and human development in mature, emergent and developing economies.

After having served as Managing Director of IDC – a company that is international leader in the sector of market researches for the ICT sector – for Italy, UK, France and Germany, he was elected President of IDC EMEa (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

In 2009 he established, together with Ezio Viola, ‘The Innovation Group’, a consulting group specialized on business and organizational innovation based on ICT adoption.

He graduated in Economics at Bocconi University and attended post-graduate courses at the INSEAD of Faontainbleu and the Advanced Management Program (AMP) at Harvard Business School.

Specializations: ICT market strategies, ICT & MBA consulting, innovation best practices across enterprises, industries and economies, emerging markets, egovernment and digital citizenships.

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Researcher of Political Economy at the University for Foreigners “Dante Alighieri”, in Reggio Calabria, Research Assistant et KITeS and Director of the Research Centre for Mediterranean Relations at MEDAlics, in Reggio Calabria, from November 2010.

Roberto Mavilia is an Assistant Professor in Economics at the University for Foreigners “Dante Alighieri” where he holds the position of Director of MEDAlics – Research Centre for Mediterranean Relations.

He is affiliated to CRIOS – Research Centre for Innovation, Organization and Strategy of the University “L. Bocconi” of Milan and is a professor of Innovation and Globalization at the same University.

He is the coordinator of the research project POLIcs – Innovation Poles Competence Building Systems for the performance evaluation  of Innovation Poles.

He is co-author of the book ” Dai distretti industriali ai poli di innovazione: l’Italia nel Mediterraneo ” published by Egea Università Bocconi Editore.

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Pubblicazione Bando “ICT for Development in the Mediterranean Area” (ICT4MED)
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BANDO – Avviso Pubblico per il finanziamento di Voucher per la partecipazione a Master e Dottorati – Annualità 2012
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